The sun is yours

The challenge

Towards a sustainable future

Powen, a new self-consumption energy company, had to be introduced to the world. And we couldn’t do it just like everyone else. We had to make a statement. We had to make people understand that the Sun is theirs. Literally.


Idea creativa

The conquest of the Sun

In 1969, men got to the moon and changed the history of humanity. In 2022 we got to the Sun to change history again, this time giving birth to solar self-consumption.


Travelling to space

We started from the complexity of illustrating a trip that has never been done before: arriving to the Sun. The filming and CGI process took about 3 months, including a trip to Uruguay in which the remarkable results in the craft immediately stand out. We hope that all viewers get the feeling of having set foot on the Sun with this ad.


Conquering digital media.

We planned a media strategy divided in 3 phases: awareness, traffic, and conversion. The media plan focused on digital (social media, programmatic, ConnectedTV, native formats, audio, Bdays…) with the support of physical tactical activations in movies and radio. The goal, on top of making the brand known, was to achieve as many leads as possible to the client’s website.

What’s being said about this project?

Burns has helped us think big. They have helped us find and create a magnificent and universal story through which we can reach every (energy) consumer in the planet.

Pablo Pérez-Bedmar
Head of Marketing & Product Powen

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