Ibai: “The cranes in Spain are Mapfre cranes.” #GrúaVice

The challenge

To connect with a younger audience

We needed to find the way to be relevant for a target in which it’s hard for an insurance company to be important. Quite the challenge.


Our cranes in Marbella Vice.

Marbella Vice. A viral phenomenon with more than 15,000 hours of content.

Marbella Vice was a role-playing server based on the videogame GTA V. One of its organizers was Ibai Llanos, who streamed his matches live on Twitch.Following them, we found the opportunity that would allow us the chance to be part of the community: all the cranes in the game were Mapfre cranes.

The game come true.

Ibai drove one of our cranes in the game. That’s why we wanted to give him the chance to drive one in real life.

We sent a Mapfre crane to Ibai and his friends’ house. A crane just like the ones in the game, but this time it was a real one. The surprise was broadcast live to thousands of people.

The first crance race.

We invited the squad to drive the Marbella Vice cranes in a real race track.

Ibai, Ander, Reven, Werlib and BarbeQ lived an unforgettable experience in which specialized Mapfre personnel showed them how the cranes work. They were able to drive them just like in Marbella Vice. Well, just a little more carefully.


Mapfre connected with the target in the only way possible: becoming part of the movement.

Ibai, Ander, Werlyb and BarbeQ shared the action on their profiles and Ibai commented on it live. It was very well received and we doubled the growth rate of our community.

Close to 5 millones

People reached on IG


interactions on IG

+ 1 millón



Views on Twitch

1 millón

Views on YouTube + 1,700 comments and 72,500 likes.

What’s being said about this project?

When a brand works with its agency as one team, opportunities show up and the only task left is to make the most of them. In this case, this project was a result of always being aware of our needs and trying to innovate. It was a brilliant idea, pitched at the right moment, executed in a record time, and with an impressive impact on the brand’s positioning in the industry. It’s always a pleasure to work with this team!

Andrea Schifitto
Responsable RRSS – MAPFRE

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