A car company that is much more than a car company.

The challenge

A storytelling that had to transcend the auto industry while staying true to Lexus’ essence.

Lexus wanted to generate notoriety not only around its vehicles, but also around its philosophy and values. The goal was to position the car company as a lifestyle brand, raising share of voice and enhancing the brand’s tone.


We promoted culture with Lexus.

With Covid, culture suffered a severe impact and we wanted to be part of its recovery, bringing it back and closer to our homes.

We worked on a communications strategy by territories (sports, food, music, art/design) through which Lexus acted as a cultural investor, promoting education and interest towards these disciplines that are part of the brand’s culture.  

We launched the Lexus Style blog

A blog about much more than just cars, coveying a trend-setting, unique lifestyle around Lexus and everthing that surrounds it

With the launch of the Lexus Style blog, we positioned Lexus as a lifestyle brand, publishing valuable content about the world’s best “hot sports” for leisure, food, art, and culture, accurately connecting with our target and promoting the brand’s values.

Lexus Style ambassadors

The Lexus lifestyle wouldn’t be anything without the people who dynamize culture.

We collaborated with different brand ambassadors for each territory (artists, chefs, athletes…)By supporting them in their endeavors and giving them visibility, we created a win-win situation in which we enhanced the brand’s notoriety and promoted our culture.


Lexus is no longer just a car company.

We tripled the brand’s Share of Voice with limited investment, positioning it among the category’s top 5 brands.


Share of Voice


positive sentiment

What’s being said about this project?

When we talk about a partner like Burns, we are talking about part of the team, with a solid relationship through the years based on confidence and hard work to achieve goals and celebrate success together.

Aurelio García
Lexus Head of Marketing and Communications

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